2013 Nissan



was $29,425

Stock # DC820214

2011 Mazda



was $23,725

Stock # B0316812

2011 Mercedes-Benz



was $43,995

Stock # BA256423

2010 Volvo



was $27,995

Stock # A2542426

2014 Audi



was $74,925

Stock # EN036576

2008 Cadillac



was $24,888

Stock # 80112901

2013 Volvo



was $29,995

Stock # D1213782

2007 Ford



was $13,925

Stock # 7R275947

Welcome to Manheim

We are a new concept in automotive retail marketing. We are located in Manheim Pennsylvania, just a couple of miles from one of the largest Auto Auctions on the planet. We are committed to a business that runs several hundred Prime pre-owned cars through our inventory every month! Because of this, we can make available to you a selection of vehicles unlike anyone else, and at Prices unlike anyone else! Our staff has a great deal of experience (15 to 20 years each!) in both the New and Used car marketplace. We know the Market and our goal is to bring you the best and most unusual inventory, in a convenient format, at the lowest prices.